Ts and Cs


1. You can bring one piece of checked luggage and one piece of carry-on luggage. Don’t go crazy though, because we can’t carry huge or weirdly shaped stuff – read all our sections below to find out what’s allowed and what’s not. If you’ve got more luggage than what’s in the rules, or oversize stuff, we can’t take it.

2. Put a label on it – include your name, address, contact details and where you’re riding to.

3. Make sure you get your luggage from the driver when you arrive, and when you’re connecting to your next ride.

Checked luggage

4. The driver will load your luggage into the checked locker (they’re good like that), but they’ll ask you to help if they need a hand.

5. You can check in one piece of checked luggage weighing up to 20kg and with dimensions of 158cm (that’s length + width + height, in case you had to think back to school days).

6. You can also bring one wheelchair, mobility scooter or collapsible pushchair as well as your one piece of checked luggage, as long as it weighs less than 20kg and can be collapsed down so it meets those dimension rules.  

7. This is a bus not a truck, so we don’t do freight - and unaccompanied luggage is also a no go.

8. Bikes are also out unless you don’t have any other checked luggage. But for us to store it, it’s got to be collapsed down, by removing both wheels from the frame, turning the handlebars sideways, and covering the chain. And that has to be done before your ride is scheduled to leave.  

9. Our liability for checked luggage starts when your ride does, and ends when it ends. It maxes out at $1,000 per item, subject to those no-go unsuitable checked-in luggage rules below. We recommend sorting insurance cover for amounts over $1,000.

Checked luggage: what you can't bring

10. The things below can’t go in our luggage lockers. If you stow these things, it’s at your own risk and we’re not responsible for any costs for inconvenience, replacement, delay, loss or damage you or anyone else might suffer.

a. Passports and travel documents
b. Cameras, video cameras etc
c. Computers or computer equipment
d. Electrical or electronic devices
e. Business documents or important documents
f. Samples
g. Fragile, delicate or perishable things
h. Valuable stuff like money or jewellery
i. Chilly bins, boxes and bags with food and frozens inside.
j. Anything not packaged for a roadie and the kind of damage those bumps and turns can do.

Carry-on luggage

11. You can bring one carry-on item with dimensions of up to 20cm high x 28cm deep, with a max length of 400mm and weight of up to 5kg.

12. Handbags, umbrellas and walking sticks? Absolutely!

13. Chilly bins, boxes and bags with food and frozen inside? Nope!

14. We take no responsibility for loss or damage to carry-on luggage.

Carry-on luggage - what you can't bring

15. None of these things are allowed in carry on:

a. Liquids/creams not carried in watertight containers
b. Flammable liquids
c. Explosives (including fireworks)
d. Poisonous, toxic, or hazardous substances
e. Solvents
f. Fuel (including gas bottles)
g. Batteries (unless used in portable consumer electronic devices)
h. Any weapons, explosives or ammunition. 
i. Illegal drugs or substances
j. Animals (except for assistance dogs)
k. Frozen food and fresh meat, poultry or fish
l. Anything else our driver or staff reckon is unsafe

Right to refuse luggage

16, We can refuse any luggage if it doesn’t meet the requirements set out in these Ts and Cs, or if it breaches the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017, Part 5, Subpart

17. If you turn up with more luggage than we allow above, we can’t let you ride.

18. Any luggage no-go’s can’t be taken on board or in the luggage compartment.

19. Any lonely luggage without a person looking after it won’t be going. So for security, don’t take luggage or parcels on behalf of others.

20. We’re not responsible or liable for any loss or inconvenience if you can’t ride with us for any of these reasons.

Lost property

21. If you’ve lost a passport, tell your embassy, then us.

22. If you’ve lost checked-in luggage, please contact us on +64 9 394 9180 or email lostproperty@skip.travel as soon as you can so we can investigate.

23. Just remember it’ll take up to four business days to look into! If you’ve lost carry-on luggage, please fill contact us as soon as possible so we can investigate. This investigation will usually take up to 10 days. Because of the number of lost property enquiries we receive, we’ll only get back to you if we actually find what you’re missing.


24. We love animals, but they can’t ride with you unless they’re a certified guide or service dog. And if they’re a service dog, they have to wear ID showing us the owner’s name, address and telephone number, plus you have to have proof from a legally recognised organisation that they’re a guide dog. And they need to be properly restrained with a choker chain and by threading their lead through the seat belt or around the seat bar.


25. Our buses are smoke and vape free. 

Ability to ride

26. To ride with us, you have to be able to get on and off the bus by yourself, or with the arranged help of a trusted mate at the pick-up or drop-off point. Unfortunately our drivers can’t help with this for health and safety reasons. It’s also helpful to know that there are internal stairs and steps to get onto the bus. 

Booking fees

27. There’s a non-refundable booking fee of $1.99 for all online bookings.

28. There’s a non-refundable booking fee of $5.00 for all reservations made through our Contact Centre

No shows

29. Please show up for your ride, because there are no refunds if you don’t, and all other same-day connections will be cancelled.

Reserving seats

30. Unfortunately you can’t reserve a seat, and if we ask you to shift so families and groups, especially kids, can sit together, please do. Hey, you can always make a break for the back or the window seat! 

Babies and children

31. We say infants are 0-3 years of age and children are 4-15. Infants and kids need to travel with a parent or guardian aged 16 or over. Each adult can only ride with one infant.

32. Infants ride free if they sit on the adult's lap (i.e. a seat isn’t allocated). A seat has to be booked if you want them to ride in a car seat or capsule.

33. You’ll have to bring your own child seat and the bus might not have seatbelts. 

Unaccompanied minors

34. Unaccompanied minors can’t ride with us. We call unaccompanied minors anyone aged under 16, and unaccompanied means there’s no adult aged over 16 or over riding with them. 


35. The timetables on our site aren’t set in stone, so we might change times, routes and stop locations without giving you a heads up. 

36. We might change the bus or driver during your ride, but if that happens, the driver will let you know. 

37. If you miss your ride because your flight was delayed, we can’t do refunds or transfers, so you’ll have to grab another ticket. It pays to get travel insurance for these kinds of  things!


38. Want to ride? Your name doesn’t have to be on the ticket, as long as you have a booking reference that’s enough, so once you get your confirmation, keep that reference safe! 

39. If you can’t ride for some reason, you can sell your ticket to someone else, but not for more than you paid for it – plus the name of the person riding has to be changed on the booking. This change might also cost you. If you sell your ticket for a profit, we’ll have to cancel it without a refund.

Prices and booking info

40. We reckon our prices are great value, but to keep prices low, we keep our terms simple, so here’s what you need to know before you buy:

- there are no changes, so use your ticket or lose it!
- Once you’ve paid, you can’t change any part of your booking, including stops, the date or the time.
- There are no refunds, so if you decide not to ride after you’ve booked, cancel, or don’t show up, we can’t give your money back.
- The name that will appear on your statement when you book is Skip Bus Ltd.


41. We sort your WiFi for free, but the data is capped. We just can’t give a refund if it’s down.

Image use and privacy

42. When you ride with us, you’re agreeing to us or our agent taking your photo, recording or videoing your image, likeness, dulcet tones, performance or any of these during the ride. We can then also use these things for marketing and promos in print, radio and TV, online, or in downloads, apps and other media and platforms. We can also change these images before we use them.

43. If you want to access your images or have us correct them, just ask. But if they’ve been used in our marketing materials, we might not be able to make these changes or corrections. 


44. We might send you a customer survey to the email address you used when you booked. You don’t need to fill it out, but it would be nice! You can also opt out of receiving these requests, but we’ll miss you big time!

45. We might also send info to help you manage your booking. You can also opt out of these (sad face).

Right to refuse your ride

46. We, or any of our drivers, can ask you to leave the bus (or not get on) because of these things:

a. It’s needed for your safety, or the safety of the driver, any other passenger, luggage, or any other person
b. You’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs, smoking, acting dangerously, unlawfully, offensively, or being abusive, intimidating or annoying to us, a driver, a passenger or anyone else
c. It’s needed so you comply with our terms, or any applicable laws, regulations, licenses, consents or approvals
d. You don’t follow a reasonable request from us or any driver;
e. You don’t have the reference number that came with your ride booking
f. You’ve done any of these things before and we reckon you might do it again; or
g. We’ve written to you before letting you know you can’t ride with us.


47. Our rides are sold subject to the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017, Part 5, Subpart 1 and
a. Our full terms and conditions as set out on our website, and any other terms and conditions printed on the ticket; and
b. Any special conditions specific to your ticket. 

48. Our total liability (which includes any franchisee or any contractors or agents) for any cost, expense, loss or liability suffered or incurred by any passenger or other person, whether as a result of wilful default, negligence or otherwise, is limited to the lesser of:
a. Proven direct compensatory damages (which does not include, without limitation, loss of profit, revenue, saving or business or exemplary, indirect or consequential damages); or
b. The amount paid by the relevant passenger for the product or service.

49. If a customer acquires or holds themselves out as acquiring our products or services for the purposes of a business the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 will not apply.


50. Skip Bus Ltd (our legal business trading name) is New Zealand owned. Our physical address is 102 Hobson St, Auckland, New Zealand.

51. These terms and conditions are valid as of 1 November 2018.